How to tell the time in Arabic

Are you considering traveling to an Arabic-speaking country?

When is your departure date?

And do you know how to ask for the time in Arabic?

It is crucial to have a good understanding of how to tell time in Arabic to ensure that you can navigate effectively and arrive on time. It is astonishing how many travelers become bewildered and frustrated at transportation hubs worldwide, including bus stations, taxi stands, airports, and train terminals, due to their inability to communicate about time accurately in the local language.

I’ve been there, and it’s not fun.

That’s why we’ve created this blog post to provide you with everything you need to know about asking for the time in Arabic, along with some interesting facts you may not have considered. It’s also essential to note that we have a blog post day’s of week in Arabic.

Let’s get started!

What are some important Arabic vocabulary words to learn for telling time?

·  Vocabulary for Time in Arabic:

Vocabulary for Time in Arabic is a comprehensive list of words and phrases related to time in Arabic language.

Here’s a table with the relevant vocabulary for time in Arabic:

EnglishArabicPronunciation in Arabic
Afternoonبعد الظهرBaed Al-dhuhur
Midnightمنتصف الليلMuntasaf Allayl
Vocabulary for Time in Arabic

Note that the pronunciation in Arabic can vary depending on the dialect and region, but these should be generally understood across most Arabic-speaking countries.

·  Asking for the time in Arabic.

To ask about the time we use:

English PhraseArabicPronunciation in Arabic
What time is it?كم الساعة؟Kam Al-saa3a?
Which time?أي ساعة؟Ayy saa3a?
Asking for the time in Arabic

· Hours in Arabic:

This table provides the English translations, Arabic phrases, and pronunciations for talking about hours in Arabic.

EnglishArabicPronunciation in Arabic
one o’clockالساعة واحدةAl-Saa3a wahda
two o’clockالساعة ثنتينAl-Saa3a thentain
three o’clockالساعة ثلاثةAl-Saa3a thalaatha
four o’clockالساعة اربعةAl-Saa3a arba3a
five o’clockالساعة خمسةAl-Saa3a khamsa
six o’clockالساعة ستةAl-Saa3a seta
seven o’clockالساعة سبعةAl-Saa3a sab3a
eight o’clockالساعة ثمنيةAl-Saa3a thammaaniya
nine o’clockالساعة تسعةAl-Saa3a tes3a
ten o’clockالساعة عشرةAl-Saa3a 3ashra
eleven o’clockالساعة احد عشرةAl-Saa3a Ahada 3ashara
twelve o’clockالساعة اثنا عشرةAl-Saa3a Ithna 3ashara
Hours in Arabic

Normally, we use the 12-hours system. We say 5 in the morning or 5 in the evening to specify Am or Pm.

· Minutes and Seconds in Arabic:

When it comes to talking about minutes and seconds in Arabic, there are some important phrases to learn.

 Here are a few examples:

The hourArabicPronunciation in Arabic
9:05الساعة تسعة وخمسةal-saa3a tes3a wa khamsa
7:15الساعة سبعة وربعal-saa3a sab3a wa rub3
3:20الساعة ثلاثة وثلثal-saa3a thalaatha wa thulth
4:25الساعة أربعة ونث الا خمسةal-saa3a arba3a wa nus illa khamsa
5:30الساعة خمسة ونصal-saa3a khamsa wa nus
6:35الساعة ستة ونص الا خمسةal-saa3a seta wa nus wa khamsa
7:70الساعة ثمانية الا ربعal-saa3a thamaaniya illa thulth
8:45الساعة تسعة الا ربعal-saa3a tes3a illa rub3
9:50الساعة عشرة الا عشرةal-saa3a 3ashra illa 3ashra

What are the important topics to learn after learning how to tell time in the Arabic language?

  1. Arabic numbers.
  2. Days of the week.
  3. Months of the year.
  4. Seasons.
  5. Basic Arabic vocabulary.
  6. Arabic culture.
  7. question words.
  8. Learning Arabic Writing.

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It is great, I never thought I would be able to learn this fast, I can already make full sentences and I just did the first few lessons. Great explanation and takes the time to explain. He has also a way to make you learn it faster naturally by the sequence of the lessons… Thank you Mozn! You are a great teacher.
Meli A.


Knowing how to ask for the time in Arabic is essential for any traveler planning a trip to an Arabic-speaking country.

This knowledge will not only help you navigate more effectively but also avoid frustration and confusion. In this blog post, we have provided you with a comprehensive list of vocabulary related to time in Arabic, including the relevant phrases and pronunciations.

 We have also highlighted some essential phrases related to minutes and seconds. With this information, you should feel more confident and prepared to communicate about time in Arabic during your travels.

After you finish reading this blog post, Please answer the below question.

  1. How do you tell the following times in Arabic?
    3:30                 =          Al-sa3a thalatha wa nus
    6:10                 =         
    5:55                 =         
    4:45                 =        
    1:25                 =         
    10:35               =         
    9:05                 =         
    8:20                 =         
    9:40                 =         
    7:25                 =      


2. Translate the following sentences from into Arabic:

  • Excuse-me! What is the time?
  • What time do you sleep on the weekend?
  • I have breakfast at 6am every day except Friday and Saturday

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