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Greetings from our Premier Arabic Language Centre in Dubai. We are pleased to provide in-depth Python programming classes both in-person and virtually. Our courses on coding Python programming are carefully crafted to accommodate students at every skill level, from novices to experts, offering a well-organized and captivating educational journey customized to meet your requirements. Our Python courses are designed to assist you in efficiently mastering Python programming ideas, syntax, and applications, regardless of whether you prefer the flexibility of online learning or the engaging dynamics of in-person education.

With our online Python language course, you can learn at your own pace and from any location with the ease of having our knowledgeable professors at your disposal. You will have access to many resources via our intuitive online platform, such as interactive exercises, video lessons, and real-world projects, enabling you to apply your newly acquired knowledge to real-world situations.

Our in-person Python programming courses provide a dynamic classroom setting where students may interact directly with instructors and other learners for a more immersive learning experience. Our cutting-edge facilities, conveniently located in the bustling center of Dubai, offer the ideal environment for group learning, networking, and skill development.

Python Language Programming Course Features

Full Lifetime Permission

Forever get unrestricted access to the course contents, tools, and updates, allowing you to quickly review and solidify your knowledge.

Self-Scheduled Video Courses

With our self-paced video classes, you may interact with our extensive Python programming curriculum at your own pace and in a way that suits your needs.

Methodical Classes

Our systematic, sequential instruction leads you through the complexities of Python programming, from basic ideas to sophisticated applications, guaranteeing a systematic and comprehensive grasp of the language.

Video on Demand

Savor the convenience of anytime, anywhere access to on-demand video content, which lets you study important subjects, investigate difficult ideas, and improve your knowledge of Python programming coding.

Access Anytime, Anywhere on Mobile or TV

Access our Python language course anytime, anywhere, on your mobile device or TV, providing the ultimate convenience and flexibility to fit learning into your busy lifestyle.

Certification of Completion

Upon completing the Python programming course, you receive a prestigious Certification of Completion, validating your proficiency and expertise in Python programming and enhancing your credentials in the competitive job market.

Why Choose Us for Python Course in Dubai

Expert Instructors

Gain knowledge from seasoned Python programmers and industry professionals who bring years of experience and skill to the classroom, guaranteeing excellent instruction and direction throughout your learning process.

All-Inclusive Curriculum

With a curriculum covering everything from basic grammar to sophisticated application development, our Python for Beginners course will provide the tools you need to succeed in your programming ambitions.

Adaptable Learning Choices

To start your Python programming career in a manner that best suits your tastes, schedule, and learning style, select from a variety of online and in-person learning choices.

Access for Life

Long after the course has ended, you can continue learning, experimenting, and developing your Python programming skills by taking advantage of lifelong access to the course materials, resources, and updates.

Encouraging Setting for Learning

Become a part of a lively and encouraging learning community where you can interact with other students, exchange knowledge and experiences, and work together on assignments and projects to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment.

Opportunities for Career Promotion

Whether you want to work in web development, data analysis, or software development, our Python course in Dubai gives you the fundamental information and abilities to pursue rewarding job options and achieve your professional goals.

Our Curriculum for Python Course in Dubai

  • Syntax and Foundations of Python
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Using the Django and Flask frameworks for web development
  • Using Matplotlib and Pandas for data analysis and visualization
  • Applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Course Content

Installing Python

Running python code

Notebooks and course materials

Python data types

Numbers in Python

Numbers practice

Numbers practice – Solution

Numbers in Python Quiz

Variable assignment

Numbers and Variables: Practice

Strings – Introduction

Strings: Slicing and Indexing

Strings properties and methods

Strings Quiz

Print formatting with strings – Part 1

Print formatting with strings – Part 2

Lists in Python – Part 1

Lists in Python – Part 2

Lists Quiz

Dictionaries in Python – Part 1

Dictionaries in Python – Part 2

Assignment – Dictionaries

Assignment – Dictionaries – Solution


Tuples quiz

Lists in Python

Sets in Python – Part 1

Sets in Python

Booleans in Python

Booleans Quiz

Python Objects and Data Structures Test

Objects and Data Structures Test solution

Summary of Objects and Data Structures

Comparison operators in Python

Logical operators in Python

Operators and Logical Operators Quiz

If, Elif and Else statements in Python

For loops in Python

For loops practice

While loops in Python

Pass, Continue, Break in Python

Operators in Python – range in

Operators in Python – enumerate, zip

Accepting input from a use: Input function in python

List comprehension

Python statements test

Python statement test solution – Part 1

Python statement test solution – Part 2

Methods in Python

Functions in Python – Part 1

Functions in Python – Part 2

Functions with some logic

Functions and Tuples unpacking

FAQs – Functions with Tuples unpacking.

Interaction between functions

Python functions

Functions test: Overview

Functions test: Solutions

map function in python

Filter function in Python

Lambda function in Python

Object-Oriented Programming – Introduction

Object-Oriented Programming – Examples

OOP – Methods

OOP – Inheritance

OOP – Special methods


OOP – Homework overview OOP – Homework solution

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